Ville : Paris

Bio :

Aja is the project of Clémence Quélennec. After 8 years of touring with the French rock band La Femme, Clémence decided to move to Morocco.

She spent 4 years there, recharging her batteries in nature and reconnecting with herself, discovering Ableton, composing an EP (Dune Solitaire released in 2019) with her computer, her keyboard and the sounds of nature. Inspired by this new environment, she developed an ambient project that she views as an integral artistic ecosystem: Ajasphere.

She composed about twenty atmospheric and hypnotic tracks, which she released at each new and full moon. All the pieces are accompanied by an animation created from her illustrations that she feeds with the landscapes that surround her and her imagination.
In 2022, she returned to France where she accompanied the artist Jacques on stage.

In april 2023, she released a song « Vagalam » on the compilation  » Kinetic: Something Concerning MotionKinetic » from the label Touch the plants.

She composes and plays the harp, the harmonium and the metallophone in the Acoustic Ambient Consort.

She is currently focusing on a new ambient EP to be released end of 2023 and on the creation of an album that will mark a return to the French « chanson », the equivalent of the singer/songwriter genre.