Ville : Paris

Bio :

With an unquenchable passion for music and an infectious energy that resonates through the dancefloor, Dudy is a dynamic DJ hailing from Morocco. Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic beats of Afro House, the soulful melodies of Organic House, the hypnotic sounds of Melodic House & Techno, and the driving rhythms of Progressive House, Dudy crafts sonic journeys that take listeners on a captivating voyage.

Having honed her craft during her time studying in Dubai and earning her DJ license, Dudy returned to Morocco to embark on a musical journey that has seen her grace the decks at numerous underground events. A true embodiment of dedication and talent, she quickly earned her stripes and secured a coveted residency at Scarabay the Beach.

Dudy’s sonic prowess has also made waves beyond the shores of Morocco. Her pulsating sets have left an indelible mark at renowned events like the Sabotage Festival and the vibrant Chiringuito Marina Tanger. With an innate ability to connect with the crowd and curate immersive experiences, she transforms dancefloors into pulsating realms of sonic delight.

Beyond the decks, Dudy lives and breathes music, channeling her boundless passion into every beat she drops. Her journey is one of artistic growth, exploration, and an unwavering commitment to delivering unforgettable musical moments. Keep an ear tuned to Dudy as she continues to sculpt the sound of tomorrow, one track at a time. »